New year's resolutions for 2022

Imagine how amazing your life can be. Imagine all of the things you have wanted and never had in the past, but are able to now because this new year is yours! The possibilities seem endless with what could happen next - so why not take advantage?

A great place start might just be by making resolutions about where we want our lives go from here  - both personally as well through social issues that concern us all together. It's time for action on every level: personal growth & development; career changes or goals achieved at work. Here are a few that we're working towards for 2022.

1. Set up a routine - create an agenda or schedule of when you're going to do things.
2. Keep track of your progress by writing it down or keeping a journal.
3. Reward yourself with something small after accomplishing each goal, like watching a new episode on Netflix or eating chocolate ice cream
4. Drink more water
5. Exercise 3x a week
6. Take care of your mental health by talking to someone or practicing mindfulness

What are your 2022 resolutions?