Meet the fruity tropical one - Mango and Oud

Invite the warmness of summer in to your home with our exotic Mango & Oud range. 

Did you know that surrounding yourself with fresh and fruity scents is scientifically proven to evoke positive, uplifting emotions and can be associated with positively reminiscing. Why not create precious, life-long memories with your friends and family with Nuhr. This scent is truly memorable and will definitely intrigue your guests. 


Mango & Oud Home Spray

Spritz our Mango & Oud scented home spray in your living space and indulge in its decadent, fruitiness with your loved ones. 


Mango & Oud Diffuser

mango diffuser

Enjoy our diffuser; made with refined high quality oils, ensuring approximately 4 months of this long-lasting, sweet blend. 


Mango & Oud Incense Cones

mango cones

Manufactured in house using 100% natural, authentic agarwood to maintain our high quality standards, our oud incense cones are immensely powerful for instantly removing odours. 


Mango & Oud Candle

mango candle

Burn this tropical scent to transport your space into summertime. Our luxury candles have approximately 50 hours burn time.


Capture the essence of summer all year round with this relaxing odour.