Calming paint colours

We recently shared a post about Pantone's colour of the year - Classic Blue which was chosen because of it's soothing effects. 

Classic blue living room with chandelier

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However if classic Blue isn't your thing, here are some other colours that encourage relaxation. Some are part of the same colour palette and some are more muted.

Why colour is important 

The importance of colour in your internal environment is so important. It can impact your mood and therefore your colour choice should reflect how you want to feel in a certain room. A creative space should have a different colour to an office space and a dining room should have a different colour to a child's bed room. 

'Without even realising it, you may be creating an undesirable environment in your home due to the colors you throw on your walls. There’s a reason why a bright red room might make you anxious upon entry.' Elle Decor

Calming Colours

Calming Blues and Greens are soothing, grounding and encourage wellbeing.

Soft neutrals also encourage relaxation as well as neutrals such as whites, beiges, creams and greys. 

Neutral tones living space with round mirror and plant


Testing Paint Colours

Once you have decided on a colour, it's important to test them! Paint colours can look dramatically different depending on availability of natural light, time of day and even the direction of the room.

Pale Grey

Pale gray kitchen with table and wooden chairs

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Dark shades of grey are best avoided in the bedroom, nurseries and any rooms for infants and children. It should also be avoided in any rooms that require creativity as it can be draining. Pale grey on the other hand is calming and soothing.

Classic White

White kitchen with white floors and ceiling

Timeless Classic White is a colour that not only brings light, it also brings warmth too. 

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Shades of Green

Green Kitchen design

Green bedroom design

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Green is associated with nature and is a refreshing, restorative and tranquil colour. Green captures the optimism of spring and is instantly calming. 

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow kitchen with wooden chopping boards on wall

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Pale Yellow gives off a feeling of happiness, energy and warmth.


Soft Pink coloured living room

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Exposure to large amounts of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and helps relieve feelings of overwhelm.

Pale Blue

Light blue kitchen design with gold lampshade


Blue is a very calming colour that can make you feel centred, relaxed and serene. Most tones of blue are calming so it is a great option for those that want to bring about a feeling of zen into their homes. Blue is an undertone to violet and as such pale purples like lilac are also great for calming spaces.

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