Indoor plants for beginners

Some houseplants require very little TLC and are perfect for those those of us who are not green fingered.

Here we have listed our favourite indoor plants for beginners. Some of these plants are known by multiple names and are from larger plant families but we have used the easier and more commonly known names below:
Cacti and Succulents 

The most well known and low maintenance of indoor plants have to be Cacti and Succulents and with so many varieties available, you can choose whatever suits your taste.
Cacti generally have spines including barrels, paddles, and columns. They do best with bright light and little water. meaning they are very low maintenance. 

2 Cacti on a black and gold table

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Monsterra require more shade then sun. If left in the dark, the plant leaves grow towards the dark, rather than the light. So it is better to keep them in shade rather then the dark. Monstera need to be watered once a week. The best bit? If you can’t commit to a whole Monstera plant, trim a leaf or two and stand them upright in a narrow vase.

Monsterra stems in a vase in bedroom

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Snake plant

Said to be the most tolerant plant, Snake plants keep going even when neglected for weeks at a time. 

It is best to put them in indirect sunlight and don’t water them too much, especially during Winter. 

Snake Plant in living room

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Dracaena Species

Dracaena like to be regularly watered in Summer but can be left dry in the Winter. Dracaena can do well in settings ranging from shade to bright direct sunlight.

Although they are quite drought tolerant, you’ll get better results with regular watering.  However they do continue to thrive in awful conditions, such as being sporadically watered with bad lighting and poor air quality.

Dracaena Species on white background

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    Heartleaf Philodendron

    Philodendrons do fine in low light conditions but plants that receive medium or indirect light, however, will grow faster and produce more leaves. Philodendrons should not be placed in direct sunlight.

    Philodendrons may be grown in soil or just in water. Plants that live in soil should be watered when half of the soil is dry. You can tell when a philodendron needs water because its leaves will appear wilted. 

    Heartless Philodendron being held by hand

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    Hedgehog Aloe

    Known to be an incredibly easy-going succulent family, an Aloe makes a great indoor plant that can also help to purify the air. Because they are succulents, they require very little water and maintenance. Your Aloe plant will be happiest on a sunny window ledge.

    Hedgehog aloe on a table

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      ZZ plant

      Spider Plant 

      This houseplant is incredibly popular as it is so easy to grow - just place it in a well lit place and water once a week.

      Spider plant in living room

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      Peace lily

      When it comes to indoor plants, peace lily plants are some of the easiest to care for. Peace lilies enjoy medium to low light. Peace lilies are far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering, which is one of the most common reasons for a peace lily to die.

      Peace Lily in white plant pot on white background

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      Golden Pothos

      NOTE - Some plants are toxic to pets, so check before you buy.

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