Nuhr products that everyone needs!

Something for your interior spaces, something to eliminate odours in your home, and most importantly, for yourself! Here are our five must haves


Mini lantern and tray set

Unique and luminous, this duo set is versatile to display all around your home, either on a coffee table, dining table or hallway. Make a statement in any setting with this gold hand hammered set. Discover the set now

Body wash and body cream

Prepare for a smooth and nourishing cleanse with the best-selling Nuhr Body Wash. Once you slather on the Nuhr Body Cream, it leaves behind a soft, romantic scent that will only grow stronger as the day goes on. The next time you want to take yourself from feeling cold or dry to vibrant and alive, trust these two champions - our skin's second largest organ deserves only the best!⠀

Purchase the duo here


Smelling like an empress is just a scent away with this beautiful and potent Rose and Oud perfume. Just spritz it on and you'll enter the royal life—once nobility, always nobility. Buy yours now

Oud incense cones

Our Oud cones are manufactured in house using 100% natural, authentic agarwood to maintain our high quality standards. They are excellent at eliminating food odours instantly and for creating a refreshing yet relaxed atmosphere. Shop all seven scents here

Our bestselling Rose and Oud candle 

A true house favourite; warm and inviting. Our most sought-after scent, Rose & Oud. Fill your home with this musky, deep and sweet aroma.

This multi note fragrance is a classic blend of floral accord, with notes of indulgent Oud whilst incorporating the English rose. Wrapped on a rich velvety base, coalesced with exotic woods and vetivert. It is gently spiced with amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli and a hint of raspberry.

This opulent, unforgettable fragrance will truly transform your space into a luxurious haven where the softness of the rose is adorned with eastern promise. Get yours here