10 Tile trends for 2019

10 Tile trends for 2019 

Tiles have become a major style statement. Where once they were nothing more then a practical surface, now we see all manner of styles and designs. So we have put together our favourite top 10 tile trends for 2019.

So far in the interior design field, bold colours has been a running theme across the board. We have seen everything from royal green sofas to red flowered wallpaper and tiles have followed suit too but there are a few other trends that are popular in tiles this year. 

Black Tiles 

Black feature wall tiles have become a huge trend in 2019. The great thing about black is that it works with any colour accessories. Think silver, copper, green, red, pink, blue. It all works beautifully.

Black tiled kitchen with black drawers

Image via https://www.vtwonen.nl

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Metal Effect Tiles

I have seen this trend all over Pinterest. Tiles that have a metal effect in mainly silver, gold, rose gold and copper are a hot trend right now.

Image via https://www.decoramic.co.uk.

Glossy Tiles

Glossy tiles with an iridescent shimmery quality will bring a hint of charm to any bathroom or kitchen. The high gloss reflects light and adds an air of elegance.

Green glossy tiles wall with hanging plant

Image via https://www.kitchenideasguide.com

3D Tiles

Textured, embossed, futuristic tiles are a huge trend and I can see why. 

Texture is set to be a big trend in 2019. We will see collections of tactile tiles that have patterns in relief or that have an embossed or sculpted surface. 3D tiles, in particular, look set to become popular with their futuristic and architectural shape creating an eye-catching feature. Geometric and angular tiles will be given an added sense of movement, dimension and tactility through the introduction of 3D surfaces. ~ Stacey Sheppard, Design Sheppard

White 3d tiled bathroom and bathtub

Honeycomb Ties

Honeycomb tiles are the tiles that everyone wants and it is a trend that just keeps going. These have been a style trend since 2017 but I think they are a timeless trend and look good whatever the year. 

Teal honeycombed wall behind white sink

Image via http://home-improvementt.com/category/kitchen-remodeling


This is another trend that has taken over the interior design world. More often seen reflected in walls and accessories, the monochrome look is here to stay.

Monochrome shower room with black shower accessories

Image via https://www.izkiz.net

Long and Narrow

Long and narrow tiles have always been popular but always in a brick style.Now we tend to see more herringbone and vertical patterns.

Grey tiles shower room with gold attachments

Image via https://www.wetroommaterials.com

Fish scale Tiles

Moroccan inspired fish scale tiles are a growing trend. They make practical spaces really stand out.

Teal glossy fish scale tiled shower room

Image via https://www.ottotiles.co.uk

Rustic Patterned Tiles

The emergence of artisan cafes on every street corner, has influenced interior design too. One particular theme is the use of worn, rustic patterned tiles as seen below.

Rustic tiled kitchen

Bold Coloured Tiles

As mentioned bold coloured tiles are everywhere right now. They seem to have a distinctly 70s feel about them. 

Multicoloured bold tiled wall behind chair and lamp

Image via https://www.selector.com

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Tiles for every space?

The trend for tiles has gone far beyond the bathroom or kitchen with them being seen in places they would never have been seen before.

Tiles are not just for your kitchen and bathrooms anymore, tiles can be used on your walls and floors in any room. Feature walls, chimney breasts, hallway floors; the range of designs, colours, formats and finishes holds its own against wallpapers and paint. A real contender for all surfaces. ~ Karen Knox, Making Spaces

Which Tile trend is your favourite? Do let us know.

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