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Why candles are the must have accessory for your Home

Back in the day, candles were strictly functional. They were used to provide light when the lights went out. Skip a couple of thousand years and we are now using candles not only as an accessory but as a beautiful way to scent our homes/offices. Read on to learn why candles are the must have accessory for your home.

Tobacco and Oud Cones tub with one cone lit

Why have a scented home?

Scented candles have become the MUST have accessory for our homes. 

Candles can be mood boosting, warming and they also provide a touch of elegance to a space.


Fragrance is evocative and can transport you to your favourite place. Anywhere from sandy beaches to your childhood home. 

A beach with palm trees


Fragrance is very personal.

Having a unique scent has now ultimately become a way of expressing your personal style. 

 Our customers have diverse taste and as such we have created a variety of scents to suit a variety of people. Some customers use a different candle depending on how they are feeling a particular day and some choose a scent based on a specific room. It is all based on the customers preference and what works for them. 

A selection of Nuhr candles

Pride in your home

Your home and personal workspace is an extension of you and having it scented and looking the way that you like, makes it that much more special.  

Luxury premium candles and reed diffusers add the finishing touch to a beautifully decorated home. Creating the right feeling for you and the right first impression for your guests. 

Here are some great tips to creating the right impression. 

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