• Nuhr products that everyone needs!

    Something for your interior spaces, something to eliminate odours in your home, and most importantly, for yourself! Here are our five must haves   Mini lantern and tray set Unique and luminous, this duo set is versatile to display all around your home, either on a coffee table, dining table or h... Ver Publicación
  • Ways to lift your mood

    Everyone knows the feeling of being down in the dumps. The world just seems to be going wrong and nothing is going your way. You start to feel sorry for yourself, until you realise that there are ways out of this slump! These tips might help you lift your mood up a little bit. 1) Listen to Your F... Ver Publicación
  • Everything we love about Autumn

    September is here and Autumn is soon on its way. That means less daylight and colder temperatures, nonetheless it is still a delightful time of year. Here are a few of our favourite things about the autumnal season. 1. Fashion - jumper, jeans, boots and coat, let's go! By far the easiest and tre... Ver Publicación
  • How to smell amazing all day

    There is nothing worse than putting on your favourite perfume and having it fade away before you get to work and you experience the dreaded "I can't smell my own perfume" moment. With just a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of your favourite fragrance. Here’s how to make your perfume ... Ver Publicación
  • Oud gifts for your loved ones

    A wide variety of gifting sets, suitable for any gifting occasion to your loved ones, friends, birthdays, special occasions or better still, gift yourself a treat and indulge in enjoying from our Oud scented range.  Our gift sets provide a variety of products including our  Gift Hampers which a... Ver Publicación