Top 7 Bathroom trends to suit every taste

Interior trends have come a long a way but even more so bathroom design. There was a time when bathroom design wasn't really a thing. Bathrooms served a purpose and were just about being functional. Nowadays bathrooms and kitchen design has become as important as any other room in the house. Here are 7 bathroom trends that are fashionable right now. Whatever your taste, we think there is a little something for everyone here.

Pastel Hues 

We have loved seeing the Pastel Hues in bathroom design in our social media timeline and the trend is set to continue throughout 2020. We love that for some, the usual nude or monochrome bathroom colours are being replaced with pastel tones. 

Pink Pastel coloured bathroom

Navy Bathrooms 

Navy bath rooms are both bold and beautiful. 

Blue has long been regarded as a color of calmness and tranquility so it is perfectly suited to bathroom design. 

Nancy bathroom with a window and patterned floor

The Classic Candle range and our Diffusers work very well with this shade. See some examples below.

white Oud classic candle and box

Oud diffuser and rattan reeds

Copper Bathtubs

This trend has been popular since 2016 and is so because of the warmth, depth and drama it brings. These bathtubs also retain heat better and add a touch of luxury to your space. Here are some more copper bathtubs that you might like.

copper bathtub, copper mirror, copper radiator in black bathroom

Grey Bathrooms

Grey has always been a popular colour in bathroom design. Often considered a modern and versatile colour, grey is usually seen as the neutral alternative for bathrooms.  

Grey wet room with black stool

Our Deluxe candles complement this choice of bathroom colour perfectly.

These new Oud Cones would also work well.

Gold Fittings

Copper and silver have had their moment and now we are seeing the return of all gold fittings.

Tiled shower room with gold fittings

All our products work well with gold fittings. See some examples here.

Black Tiles

This may sound a little strange, but there are several shades of black in bathroom design and black on black is the style trend that is everywhere right now.  

Because colour is key here, style is left to individual taste.

 Black tiles bathroom, black mirror and black sink

Our Deluxe candles work well in this bathroom choice. See customer favourite Rose and Oud here.

Green shades 

Humans have a need to connect with nature and the popularity of house plants proves this. They are now moving into bathroom spaces too. 

Grey bathroom with green plants on wall

Next year is also the year of the shade Neo Green so green in both fashion and interiors will reign supreme.

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