4 ways to make sure your Nuhr Candle burns beautifully

So you purchased your first beautiful Nuhr Candle. Once you have decided where it will go, you need to think about a few other things that will ensure that your candle burns beautifully:

1. Trimming the wick 

Use a wick trimmer like the one below to trim your wick to the perfect 5 mm before every burn. That way your wick will stay elegant at all times and there will be no residue to worry about. 

Gold wick trimmer on white background

2. Avoiding tunnelling 

To prevent tunnelling, allow the wax to melt and pool right to the edges of the Candle the very first time you light it. Try not to blow it out until it has. 

Lit red candle with tunnelling

Image via www.buzzfeed.com

3. Smoke 

When you first light your Nuhr Candle, you might see a little smoke. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. It just needs a little time to draw up the wax properly.

4. Putting the Candle out

There are 3 ways to put your candle out: 1. Blow it out. 2/3. Use either the beautiful Gold Snuffer or Gold Wick Dipper to snuff your candle. This prevents your wick from continuing to smoke and smoulder. The gold wick dipper can also be used to level the soft wax at the top of your lovely scented Nuhr candle.

Gold wick trimmer, snuffer and leveller on square marble plate

The products mentioned can be purchased separately/as a set or as a set including an Italian Carrera Marble candle plate. 

The set brings an added touch of luxury and opulence to your home. It would also make a great house warming present. Check them out here.