• Gold Candle Snuffer, Gold Wick Trimmer, Gold Wick Dip on a White Marble Plate

Candle Care Set Including Marble Plate

The Italian Carrera Marble candle plate together with our full Candle Care Set comprising of the gold wick dipper, gold wick snuffer and gold wick trimmer. This set can be used with any of our candles and brings an added touch of luxury and opulence to your home. It would also make a great house warming present.

Gold Wick Trimmer
Our gold wick trimmer has been designed using heavy-duty metal to help you trim your wicks to 5mm, ensuring a clean, even flame for a longer lasting candle. The design also allows you to remove the clipped wick cleanly and safely, which cannot be done with a pair of scissors.

Gold Candle Snuffer
Extinguish your candle with our Candle Snuffer which is both practical and elegant and an ideal compliment to your beautifully scented Nuhr Candles.

Gold Wick Dipper
Quenching or dipping your wick is an ideal way to snuff your candle whilst preventing your wick from continuing to smoke and smoulder. Our gold dipper can also be used to level the soft wax on the top of your lovely scented Nuhr candle.