• Wax/Oil Burner and Moon Melt Set - Oud Arabia
  • Wax/Oil Burner and Moon Melt Set - Oud Arabia

Wax/Oil Burner and Moon Melt Set - Oud Arabia

Wax/Oil Burner Set

Inspired by travels across Arabia this set includes all you need to start using wax melts.  

The Morroccan pattern wax burner combined with the crescent moon wax melts create the perfect ambience.


1. 2x Oud Arabia Crescent Moon shape Wax Melts

2. 1x Tea Light Candle

3. 1x Wax Melter Burner

Bringing a mysterious essence to to your home with this luxurious opulent scent; embodying core oud. Its shimmering, soulful hues meld together with the sweet and sharpness to embrace its oriental identity.

Inspired by the essence of the East, this Oud Arabia brought to you by Nuhr Home, is a dark and fragrant resin embedded scent. Heartwood being the source of the Oud. Sophisticated Eastern hues, elegantly blending western orient, fortified with bespoke notes of cedarwood, jasmine, rose, cyclamen, green citrus, floral balsam and melon undertones.

Bring the opulence and luxury of Arabia to your home with our unique candles.

It is a rich luxurious scent specifically designed to bring the scent of the Middle East straight to your home


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wax oil burner

Lovely decorative wax burner and wonderful fragrances.

Zainab Mehters

Smells really nice and easy to use.

Rukhsana Quraishi
Wax oil burner

I received my item. Looks nice but problem is that
Keep falling every where. Does not have any click.
Sorry to say very bad design.
Mrs R quraishi

Hi, Thank you for your review. As the product is made of ceramic we were unable to incorporate a click design. It should not fall as the cylinder sits on the plate and there grooves to keep it in place, also the dish is designed to slot perfectly into the cylinder at the top. Please contact our customer service for more guidance on how to assemble the item.

Anisa Anisa Patel

Gorgeous burner and the scent is beautiful and so long lasting! Just a shame the melts are pricey

Famida Patel
Such a good quality tea light burner

The Oud wax melt smell beautiful and such a perfect gift for Ramadan and Eid and so affordable