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reusing your candle jars

Crafty ways to reuse your candle jars

Have you cleaned your candle jar after reading our last blog post? Great, now you can reuse it all your storing and display needs!

1. Storage holders

Utilise your candle jars for holding beauty products makeup brush and cotton buds, or even for storing coffee granules and tea bags.

reusing candle jars

2. Plant pots 

With a little soil, place a succulent plant for a pretty desk feature.


Image via Unsplash

3. An indoor herb garden

Simply fill each jar with potting soil roughly 3/4 of the way to the top. Then add your desired herbs and top with more soil. Lightly sprinkle some water to start the growth of your herbs.

4. DIY Body Scrub Jars

Make your own body scrub by mixing 1 part granulated sugar with 2 parts coconut oil and adding in some lavender essential oil and pure vanilla extract or any other essential oils that you like. Then scrub it on in the shower!

If you have any more ideas on how to reuse your candle glass please share with us or send pictures to us on Instagram @nuhrhome 

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