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Welcome to NUHR HOME

Our start up business began at our kitchen table with very limited resources.

The Dream

Like most small businesses, we had no staff and no money so everyone had to chip in. Including our children. As I am sure you can imagine, that came with its own challenges!

Family Support

How it all began

Our little girl who was 3 years old at the time was eager to get stuck in, whilst our son who was 9 was less excited about the prospect of making candles for hours on end!

Market Research

We had decided from the very beginning that we wanted to develop a brand that would not look out of place in a prestigious department store such as Selfridges, Harrods or John Lewis

From the moment this decision was made, the whole concept was centred around this goal. 

We would visit these stores almost on a weekly basis (kids in tow) to study the packaging and branding of companies that already sell to these stores. Learning about all the techniques being used was fascinating. 

Understandably the kids did not have the same level of enthusiasm for our market research which meant spreading the visits out over several visits. 

After more testing and research and through a lot of hard work and determination we were able to get the business off the ground.

Pursuing our goals

Initially, we relied on friends and family to spread the word. We were extremely grateful and surprised at the overwhelming response and huge influx of orders. 

We continued to sell candles and develop new products whilst offering opportunities for businesses to sell our products.

During these initial stages, we also began looking for opportunities to expand the business further. 

On some occassions, the stress was unbearable but we were grateful to be doing the work we love.

Although we have some way to go before we achieve all our goals, some of our dreams have been realised and we are always pursuing new goals!

How our candles are made

Our candles are entirely hand crafted in our workshop. Creating a Nuhr Candle is a lengthy process that requires the utmost attention to detail and patience. Each candle passes through the hands of our skilled team. 

All our products are rigorously tested ensuring maximum scent throw and burn quality is achieved in all circumstances. We only use the finest quality wax and use our own unique blend of natural wax to ensure the best quality of scent throw.⠀

We use the best quality fragrance oils available in all our products. They are designed and manufactured to our exacting standards by blending fine fragrance oil into slowly warmed wax. This is then decanted by hand into warmed individual glasses.

Next up is the tricky task of setting the wick.This is the job of the person with the steadiest of hands. Each wick is placed by hand into soft wax at the heart of the candle to ensure an even burn.

A label is then hand applied to the glass holder and voila a brand new beautiful Nuhr candle is created!

Check out our full range of candles here!


We are a family company creating luxury fragranced candles, Reed Diffusers, Body wash and perfumes. Our bespoke oud fragrance; a luxury scent derived from the east will bring an opulent and luxurious atmosphere to any room or office. We are UK based company. Our product and our brand reflects a fusion of eastern and western influences as a celebration of the blend of cultural influences with in the UK.

Our Mission


We make impeccably stylish products with the greatest attention to detail, not compromising in quality in any way to bring to you our premium ranged exclusive products at an affordable price.

Our origins are simple, we wanted to achieve lasting luxurious aromas for the home at pricing that is affordable allowing everyone to be able to indulge in such luxuries.  We therefore, began our journey in testing and making candles to start with as our main lead product.

Our products are stylish and elegant to bring opulence and luxury to your interiors as well as creating a luxury ambiance and aroma.


We believe our product is unique as we focus our range mainly on Oud. Oud is a luxury fragrance with origins in the East. As such fragranced products that carry the Oud name also carry a high price. Our aim is to make oud scented products more affordable and available to a wider market.

NUHR is the Arabic word for ‘light’ or ‘glow’ which we think is very fitting for a candle.


We only accept the best standards and therefore each product is rigorously tested ensuring maximum scent throw and burn quality is achieved in all circumstances. We only use the finest quality wax and use our own unique blend of natural and mineral wax to ensure the best quality of scent throw. All manufacturing takes place in house to ensure the best quality is achieved and maintained. The products have been finalised following months of testing and we are pleased to bring these unique products to market.

All our products are vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher.


NUHR HOME is the trading name of SSI HOME Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales.
NUHR is a Registered Trademark owned by NUHR HOME.