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  • Oud Incense Cones Gift Set - NUHR Home
  • Oud Incense Cones Gift Set - NUHR Home

Oud Incense Cones Gift Set

Gift Set of Oud Incense Cones which includes the following:

1. 10 x Rose & Oud Incense Cones

2. 10 x Oud Arabia Incense Cones

3. 10 x Oud & Amber Incense Cones

4. 10 x Oud Woods Incense Cones

5.  Oud Incense Cones Glass Burner

Gift Set : The complete gift set giving you 4 fragrances in our incense cones together with an incense cone burner to either treat yourself or to gift to another.  Comes complete in a Black box with all the cones separately packed and labelled for convenience of use.

Directions: Place incense cone on the glass holder. Light the top of the cone using a matchstick or a lighter, then blow out the flame once the red ember appears.  Place the cone in an area such as the kitchen / hallway to allow the scent to disperse across the house / office.

Burn time: Around 15-20 minutes per cone.

Scent: The scent will last for a number of hours following the burning of the cone.

Box includes: 40 incense cones in total with a glass burner.


Customer Reviews

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Blown away

I hadn’t purchased from NUHR previously and I was ordering a gift, so I was hopeful that the quality would be good. I’m delighted with the Oud selection that I purchased and as I live with the person who the gift was for I also know the fragrances are all very nice and pleasantly strong. I’d highly recommend. Thanks.


Excellent product

Oud box

Excellent service and product, excellent packaging will definitely order again. Perfect gift for anyone.

The Best Arabian fragrance on our doorstep

As a fragrance enthusiast I am forever looking for fragrances that are authentic, long lasting and packaged beautifully. With Nuhr home fragrance you get all the above entwined with excellent customer service. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gift set

Purchased the the gift set. The oud cones this time where not as great, slightly disappointed. They burn for around a minute and then need relighting atleast 3 to 4 times. Ordered the cones previously which i still had so compared the two and the gift set cones all had the same problem with having to be relighted the old ones from the previous order burned with no issues.