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24 craft ideas to get kids excited for Ramadan - NUHR Home

24 Ramadan Activities For Kids

Following on from our last post  about getting ready for Ramadan, we wanted to do a post around how to get younger kids excited for Ramadan. One of the best ways to do that is to get them involved in doing various craft activities before/during the month. 

Here are our favourite ideas from around the web:

1. Cute prayer mats


2. Moon and star rice krispie treats


3. Make Mosaic Lantern 


4. Create a Mosque sponge painting

5. Create a henna hand dish

6. Make a Ramadan paper chain

7. Make a lego mosque 

8. Design a special Ramadan mantle place

9. Create a Masjid banner

10.Make a countdown calendar

11.Make chinese paper lanterns

12. Make moon sighting binoculars

13. Paint Ramadan inspired seashells

14. Create Ramadan bags

15. Make a Ramadan lantern

16. Make a good deed calendar

17. Create a Sadaqa box

18. Make 5 pillars of Islam mobile

19. Make a moon and star mobile

20. Create a 99 names of Allah tree


21. Make a Mosque collage

22. Make an Eid countdown calendar 

23. Make Ramadan keyings

24. Make Crescent moon wall art

..And whilst you are in craft mode, the best scents to help you and your child stay motivated and energetic throughout are citrus and cedar. Our Oud Arabiaproducts contain both and are perfect for days where you may need to focus a little more.

OR if you want to relax after all that crafting, Lavender, Vetiver  or Geranium work well. A good option here would be our Mango and Oud products. 

How are you getting your kids/nephews and nieces, prepared for Ramadan? Will you be trying any of the activities above? Let us know and don't forget to tag us if you do! 







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