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5 ways to give your morning routine a make over

5 ways to give your morning routine a make over

5 greatest ways to give your morning routine a make over

The way we start our mornings often sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is little things we do immediately after we wake up that can have a huge impact on how we feel for the rest of our day. 

Here are our TOP tips for the BEST morning routine: 

1. Start the night before

Your morning routine really starts the night before. Write a quick to do list before bed so you don't lose time in the morning. Keeping your clothes and a packed lunch ready (if you go out to study/work), can also be very helpful.
Diary and plant on a flowery bedspread

2. Let the light in and avoid your phone

Letting the light in first thing in the morning makes it easier to get out of bed but there are also other benefits. Research has shown that people who are exposed to light during the morning hours sleep better at night and tend to feel less depressed and stressed than those who don’t get much morning light.

Avoiding your phone in the morning is also beneficial. Pat Flynn the Entrepreneur behind the brand Smart Passive Income advises to never check your emails first thing in the morning and there is good reason for that. We can easily lose track of time when checking our emails and the same goes for our phones too.

A large window and curtains


3. Meditate, Reflect and Start with Gratitude

A self care 'power hour' is nurturing for the mind, body and soul and it can help boost your productivity too.

My routine is pretty simple. I start with Meditation and meditate for as long as I can manage. Some days that is 1 minute and other days that is 15 minutes. 

I follow that by reflection and write down 3 thing I am grateful for. This starts my day off in a positive way.

I follow that practice with listening to uplifting podcasts to keep the positive vibes flowing.

Male meditating on a mountain at sunset

4. Light a candle and have your favourite drink 

Lighting my favourite candle and having a cup of tea gives me time to think. Taking 10 minutes to be still and soak in the silence of that moment before the kids get up, helps me to feel relaxed and offers a sense of comfort.

5. Go for a walk in Nature

Walking in the morning on a regular basis has multiple health benefits and is beneficial for both physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Even a few minutes spent walking each morning helps me to centre my thoughts.
Large trees in woodland

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