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7 easy ways to make your home feel luxurious - NUHR Home

7 easy ways to make your home feel luxurious

Today we have put together our ultimate top tips and tricks to make your home feel luxurious. These easy pointers will have your home feeling both comfortable and inviting whilst exuding style and elegance.

Here are our recommendations:

Always opt for Fresh Flowers

A stunning floral arrangement in a vase makes an impressive statement in an entryway or living room. 

Flowers in a vase on a table in a hallway

Image via

Use Decorative Storage Boxes

A beautiful decorative box is great to hide away everyday essentials and store away  some bits and bobs whilst giving your interior a polished look.

Pink and Cream luxury boxes on table

Image via Pinterest

Opt for Sumptuous Textiles

One of the keys to making your home feel inviting, luxurious and warm is to incorporate sumptuous textiles (like faux fur blankets, silk throws, cloth sofas and oversized pillows) into the space.

Faux fur throw on grey sofa with candles to rear

Image via

 Add Designer Coffee Table Books as Decor

To instantly elevate any home, designer coffee table books (especially those that focus on fashion, interior design, or travel) are a simple way to make any home feel luxurious.

As an example, a Nuhr Home candle placed on top of a stack of chic books makes a bedroom dresser instantly look finished.

Designers books on a coffee table with a vase on top

Image via Melissa Odabash (Pinterest)

Metallic Finishes add a Luxe Touch

A large-scale, gilded abstract painting, a gleaming marble tray, and shimmery metallic pillows are a few stylish pieces that add a luxe touch to any home. Mixing metals (like gold and silver) is also an effortless way to create visual interest in a modern home.

Metallic bed covers, pillows and accessories in bedroom

Image via

Upscale Magazines that are easily accessible

Another easy way to make your home feel luxurious while entertaining guests is by having a stack of upscale magazines tucked in view (neatly) in a storage box.

Candles and Diffusers

Oud Candles and Diffusers with gold accents give a feeling of opulence. Oud is known for it's exquisite scent and high price point, instantly giving a feeling of grandeur to any space. 

Our range of products fit the brief perfectly.

Our recommendations 

Oud Arabia Candle and Diffuser.

Oud Arabia brings the opulence and luxury of Arabia to your home and instantly gives lift to a room.

Oud Arabia Reed Diffusers on white background

Oud Majestic Candle and Diffuser.

Oud Majestic is a strong enriched regal fragrance and gives a feeling of splendour and magnificence.

Oud Majestic Classic Candle with branded gift box to back

See our full range of luxury Oud products here.

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