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Complete Guide On How to: Oud Reed Diffuser - NUHR Home

Complete Guide On How to: Oud Reed Diffuser

What is an oud reed diffuser?

An Oud reed diffuser is an accessory (Glass bottle) created for the sole purpose of emitting fragrance through your home with the use of essential oils and reed sticks.

Reed diffusers are one of the most popular home fragrance products to this day! this is because; they deliver a light consistent fragrance to any room. Reed diffusers unlike candles can be left unattended and continue to give out a gentle background scent, making it the perfect device for your hallway or room.


How to use reed diffusers?

Oud Reed diffusers are the easiest devices to use. Essentially it is a glass bottle filled with fragrance oil and reeds. The reeds are a vital component needed in order for the fragrance to be diffused throughout the room.

How do reed diffusers work?

The reeds work by soaking up and releasing the fragrance, this can take around 24 hours from the time your diffuser has been set up.


Low Maintenance

As mentioned above reed diffusers are easy to use but they also require low maintenance. Once set up there is no need to attend to the diffuser regularly as long as there is oil in the bottle the reed will do its job. However, to maintain the scent the sticks should be turned once a week.

Tip: For a stronger smell use more reed sticks, the more sticks you use the stronger the scent.


How long do reed diffusers last?

Reed Diffusers on average last around 3-4 months, this is dependant on a few factors such as; where the diffuser is placed, the temperature of your home and air-conditioning. we suggest you follow the next few steps to ensure your diffuser has a long life span.

  • Use less reeds, using more reeds means the oil gets absorbed quicker      
  • Turn your sticks less - we suggest weekly for a fresh scent however if you would like your diffuser to last  longer 2 weeks is desirable.The fragrance may be lighter however the oil will last longer.
  • Place your diffuser in a good location, we suggest an area where there is lots of people passing such as the hallway, living room or bathroom. This is because the more people passing helps to move the fragrance around the room. Just as there are good locations to place a diffuser there are bad ones too! NEVER place your diffuser above a heat source
  • such as a radiator; the heat will cause the oil to evaporate quicker and cause the reeds to dry out. The same goes for a window, not only can the heat from the sun affect the lifespan of your diffuser but also the air.   

Choosing your diffuser

  • When choosing your diffuser its important to note which room you intend to place it in. If the room or area is big we suggest getting 2-3 diffusers to space around the area; this will ensure the fragrance reaches all areas of the large space. Smaller rooms and spaces will only need one diffuse. 
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