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Do candles expire?

Do candles expire?

Do candles expire?

Yes, candles expire. While our luxury candles are made with the highest-quality ingredients and will last a long time, they will eventually expire. The best way to tell if a candle has expired is to check the fragrance. If the fragrance is not as strong as it used to be, or if it has changed, it's time to replace the candle.

Do scented candles expire?

Yes, scented candles do expire. However, it takes a very long time for our luxury candles to go bad. The average lifespan of a scented candle is 3-4 years. But, with proper care, your candle can last much longer. Here are some tips to extend the life of your scented candle:

-Keep your candle in a cool, dry place.
-Avoid drafts.
-Trim the wick before each use.
-Do not allow the wax to burn all the way down.

With proper care and storage, your scented candle can last for many years. Enjoy the luxurious fragrance and ambiance of our candles without worry!

Do candles expire if unopened?

When it comes to our luxury candles, many people wonder if they expire if unopened. The simple answer is no, candles do not expire if unopened. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to storage.

Candle wax can absorb outside scents and moisture, so it’s important to keep them in a cool, dry place. If stored properly, your luxury candles will last.

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