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Eid recipes from around the world - NUHR Home

Eid recipes from around the world


Eid is around the corner (already!), so we thought we would take a sneak peak into what people across the world may have on their tables as a way of feeling more connected to each other.

What happens on Eid day?

Eid day usually starts with early morning prayers at the mosque. This is followed by a breakfast with special treats and as you know, the feast then continues all day.

African Eid Recipes

Here are some of the most popular Eid recipes from around the globe:

Morocco - Kouah - Grilled Liver Via Taste of Maroc

Liver on skewers over barbecue

'When making kouah, calf liver is preferred but you can also use sheep liver. The latter is particularly common during Eid al Adha when another type of liver kebab called boulfaf is prepared. Sometimes the liver in kouah is mixed with cubes of kidney and heart; in fact, butchers will usually propose the addition of these two organ meats whenever we buy fresh liver.'


Turkish food recipe

Turkey - Mevlubi, Cevirme Pilav - Upside down rice with meat and aubergine via Ozlem's Turkish Table.

Upside down rice dish on blue table cloth

'I am planning to make my mother’s signature dish Mevlubi again this weekend for our family’s Eid, end of Ramadan celebrations. The recipe comes from Antakya, the Southern part of Turkey, where my roots are from. This special dish makes an appearance in every special occasion on my parent’s table and I have been lucky enough to enjoy it with some of you over the years. As you can cook ahead of time, this wonderful all in one dish makes an impressive main course and you get to spend more time with your company. For maximum results, please cook on low heat, at least 2 hours before serving and let the Mevlubi rest. We may not be all together physically, but through our food, we will capture and remember special memories.'

Pulao recipe

Pakistan - Yukhni Pulao - Spiced lamb and rice all made in one pot Via Afreen's Kitchen.

Arabian food recipes

Saudi Arabia Mugalgal - Lamb or Chicken with fresh tomatoes, onions, green pepper and spices Via Daniaz Kitchen.

Iran - Tahdig - Steamed Persian rice with a crispy crust at the bottom Via Persian Mama.

Tahdig in plate on white tablecloth

Afghanistan - Qabili Pulao - One pot meat and rice dish with shredded carrots, raisins and silvered almonds Via Afghan Culture Unveiled.

Oman - Shuwa - via Middle East Eye.

Omani Shuwa on chopping board

'You have not experienced Oman until an Omani has made you shuwa, an incredible Eid delicacy famed around the Gulf.

Its centrepiece is a slow roasted lamb, sheep, goat - or even camel - which is bathed for up to 48 hours in baharat spice.

The blend usually pays homage to the host family's heritage, be it India, Zanzibar or Bahrain, and often includes such staples as cumin, coriander, chilli, cloves and nutmeg.'

Yemen - Lamb Mahshoosha - Eid Meat Dish Via Sheba Yemeni Food

'Mahshoosha is a special kind of meat eaten on the occasion of eid al fitr and eid al adha. Usually in Yemen, the women prepare this the night before and the morning of the eid, after prayer, the men go around visiting nearby relatives and giving money as a gift to the female relatives (aunts, sisters, etc.) and the women of the house present their special eid dishes such as mashshoosha, kaak, juices, sweets, etc. to the guests.'

EgyptFatteh - Rice and Meat with crispy bread on bottom Via Food.Com

Jordan - Mansaf -Yoghurt, Meat Rice Pilaf Via Arousing Appetites.

Mansaf in plate with parsley and pomegranate seeds on top

'In a typical mansaf, there are four key components. First, there’s the layer of flatbread (often markook or shrak breads). Second, there’s the rice, which is then followed by the third component, the meat. Finally, there’s the jameed-based or dairy-based sauce. Most recipes will also include garnishments of roasted nuts (like we will in our recipe), but it’s hard to characterize it as a fundamental piece to the dish.'

Beef rendag in bowl

Malaysia - Chicken Rendang & Beef Rendang - Spicy, rich and creamy Malaysian/Indonesian beef stew made with beef, spices and coconut milk Via Rasa Malaysia.

Palestine -Mamoul Via Arab News

Somalia - Cambaabur - A Somali Eid Bread that is can fried and served with a sprinkling of sugar and yoghurt Via My Somali Food


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