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How to create a Ramadan ambience in your home

How to create a Ramadan ambience in your home

Ramadan is a time of introspection, prayer, and community. As the holy month ushers in longer hours of fasting and increased time in devotion, curating a serene home environment - a sanctuary for spiritual rejuvenation - becomes central. From subtle lighting to aromatic essences, creating a Ramadan ambience in your home can significantly enhance your moments of reflection. Follow these tips to infuse your living spaces with tranquility and warmth, making them conducive to the spirit of the month.

String Lights for a Soft Glow

Wrap balustrades or drape archways with string lights to infuse a warm, welcoming vibe. The soft glow mimics the tranquility of twilight, perfect for those moments of breaking your fast and engaging in prayer.

Understated Elegance with Lanterns

Embrace the tradition of Ramadan by adorning your home with lanterns. Opt for styles that project intricate patterns on the walls, simulating the effect of a starlit sky and adding an ethereal glow that invites calmness after sunset.

  Engage the Senses with Scent

A well-chosen fragrance can elevate the entire atmosphere. Diffusing scents like Oud or Sandalwood not only fills the air with a mesmerising aroma but also aids in creating a reflective space for Iftar and Suhoor. Take a look at Nuhr's oud home collection to enhance the ambiance of your living space.

 Rose & Saffron for Positivity

Delicate floral scents mixed with a hint of saffron inspire positivity and calm. These aromas can be introduced through scented candles or reed diffusers strategically placed throughout common areas.

Optimise Your Space for Worship 

Allocate a peaceful corner of your home for prayer. Lay down plush prayer rugs, keep a shelf with religious texts within reach, and ensure there's proper lighting for reading the Qur'an during night prayers (Qiyam ul-Layl).


Arrange the seating in your living room to accommodate communal activities like reading the Qur'an or sharing Iftar meals. Consider floor cushions and low tables to facilitate a relaxed and inclusive environment.


Creating a Ramadan ambience at home is about more than aesthetic appeal; it's about fostering a sacred space for spirituality to flourish. Each person’s idea of a conducive environment will vary, so tailor these suggestions to what resonates best with you and your family. May your home be filled with peace and serenity throughout the holy month.


Wishing you a fulfilling and blessed Ramadan.


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