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How To Gift Wrap A Candle - NUHR Home

How To Gift Wrap A Candle

How to wrap a candle

We provide a beautiful box for your candle. The box looks great and houses your candle snugly to protect your candle. However, If you want to add some gift wrapping here is how to do it!

You'll want to choose the right size of wrapper. You'll want to make sure that the wrapper is big enough to completely cover the candle, but not so big that it's loose and floppy. Once you've got the right size, simply place the wrapper around the candle and secure it with a bit of tape. And that's it! Your candle is now wrapped and ready for storage or gift-giving.

We also have gift bags which have the perfect finishing touch for gifting your loved ones with Nuhr.

Check out our Luxury Oud Candles which are perfect for gifting!

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