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National Relaxation Day - NUHR Home

National Relaxation Day

Its National Relaxation Day today, so take it easy and enjoy the day! It has been an unpredictable year and with work deadlines and other commitments, you're bound to be burned out. Protect your health and take the day for yourself this National Relaxation Day. Now, get ready to switch off with our relaxation techniques...

1. Get comfortable

First things first, get comfortable! Tie your hair back, put on your favourite loungewear and take a few deep breaths. Play your favourite sounds and eat your favourite snacks. Make your environment calm and relaxing with our mood lifting scents 


oud and bergamot diffuserNuhr Oud and Bergamot Diffuser


Nuhr Oud Woods Candle
body creamNuhr Rose & Oud Body Cream


2. Watch a movie

Never got round to watching that film you saved to your list? watch something new or of you're feeling nostalgic, select a movie to re-watch that you enjoyed during your childhood.

3. Go for a walk

Explore your local neighbourhood or park for some fresh air. Walking is great for exercise and space to think by yourself.

4. Treat yourself

Something small as ordering from your favourite restaurant or something much bigger like splurging online on some retail therapy, you deserve it! 

5. Take a nap

Can you remember the last time you had a really great nap in the afternoon? Close your eyes and catch some zzz's!

We hope you unwind and enjoy this Relaxation Day because you truly deserve it. Shop our calming products online to truly indulge in the day at


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