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Oud Incense Cones - NUHR Home

Oud Incense Cones

Is there anything worse than cooking odours and unwanted smells in your home or office?

We have just the solution to illuminate all scents instantly with our oud incense cones. Made from wood powder and blended with Oud, they’re scented with our bestselling fragrances, rose, arabia, mango, majestic, woods, tobacco and amber.


Nuhr Home Mango and Oud incense cones


Directions for use

To use, simply place the incense cone on a heat proof dish or inside incense holder. Light the top of the cone using a matchstick or a lighter, then blow out the flame. Each cone can burn for up to 15 minutes.

As featured in the Vogue Spring Line Up, shop our bestseller Rose and Oud in the aromatic cones, read the full article here

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