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Ramadan tips and FAQs | Nuhr Oud - NUHR Home

Ramadan tips and FAQs | Nuhr Oud

Wondering if you can burn bakhoor/oudh while fasting? Check out this post for all the answers to your questions about Ramadan!

Does burning incense invalidate your fast?

Burning incense in and of itself does not invalidate your fast. Rather, the deliberate intake of something which has a perceptible body, like the smoke arising from the burning, through the mouth or nose would be invalidating.

However, if fumes are not deliberately inhaled, then there is no harm in burning such incense during the fasting hours; just as there is no harm in taking a hot shower or inhaling cooking fumes. 


Does wearing perfume or any other perfumed products invalidate the fast?

One’s fast does not break by wearing, feeling or smelling fragrance. As such, it is permitted to apply perfume (itr), deodorant, or spays whilst in the state of fasting. However, if one was to intentionally inhale something that has a perceptible body, such as smoke, then one’s fast would become invalid.

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