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Refresh your Home this Summer - NUHR Home

Refresh your Home this Summer

Summer has a distinctive rhythm, a slower, more fluid pace—a seasonal whisper inviting us to relax and rejuvenate. Along with the sun’s embrace and the fresh, balmy air, comes the opportunity to refresh our living spaces. An effective, yet often overlooked way to enhance the home's atmosphere is through the subtle introduction of fresh scents.

The Power of Scent

Scents have the unique ability to instantly evoke memories and feelings; they can transport us to distant shores or lush tropical gardens with a single breath. In the desire to mirror the fresh vibes of summer, integrating light, uplifting fragrances can transform a home into a serene haven.
For those intrigued by the marriage of unique and exotic aromas, a mingling of mango with the deeper, more resonant notes of oud creates a particularly compelling ambience. This combination balances the sweetness of ripe, summer fruits with the rich, complex profiles of wood.

Simple Tips for Scenting Your Home

1. Choosing Your Scents:
When selecting a fragrance, think about the mood or atmosphere you want to create. For a vibrant, cheerful space, fresh, fruity scents like mango provide a burst of freshness. To add a touch of mystery or sophistication, the smoky notes of oud offer a beautiful contrast.

2. Placement Matters:
Place scented elements strategically around your home. Entryways are ideal for setting an inviting tone, while living areas benefit from softer, continuous scent dispersal, enhancing the overall ambiance without overwhelming it.

3. Rotate Regularly:
Just as you might change your decor accents, periodically switching up scents can enhance the seasonal feel and ensure your sensory landscape remains engaging.

The refreshing blend of peony and oud, or velvet jasmine and oud, can be found subtly infusing luxury scent collection from Nuhr. While not overt, these sophisticated essences expertly capture the essence of summer without seeming too conspicuous.

Making It Last

Beyond choosing your scent, consider longevity. Reed diffusers, scented candles, and room sprays each have different roles in scenting a home. Reed diffusers offer a constant presence, candles provide visual and olfactory ambiance, affecting mood dramatically, and room sprays are perfect for a quick refresh.

Embrace Summer

This season, let the vibrancy of newly chosen scents fill your home. Whether inspired by the sun-soaked days or serene, starlit nights, find a fragrance that transforms your home into a summer sanctuary. The right scent does more than just smell good; it creates a backdrop for lived moments and cherished memories.
Explore our collection of home fragrances here.
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