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Summer Scents to Love from Nuhr - NUHR Home

Summer Scents to Love from Nuhr

As the sun shines brighter and our days become longer, it's the perfect time to refresh our spaces with scents that embody the warmth and vibrancy of summer. We’ve crafted a stunning array of fragrances designed to capture the essence of this joyful season.
Let’s dive into our newest additions and some timeless favorites that are sure to elevate your summer vibes.

1. Peony & Oud – A Floral Fantasy

Introducing the delightful blend of soft peonies and robust oud, our Peony & Oud Candle and Reed Diffuser are all about embracing the floral joy of summer gardens. This scent combination balances the sweet, lush peonies with the rich, mysterious notes of oud to create a luxurious yet uplifting atmosphere in your home.

2. Mango & Oud – Tropical Bliss

Get ready to be swept away to a tropical paradise with our Mango & Oud Candle and Reed Diffuser. The juicy, ripe mangoes blend perfectly with the exotic oud, creating a sweet and engaging aroma that’s both unexpected and addictive. It’s a true summer treat that brings a burst of freshness and warmth to any room.

3. Pomegranate & Fig – Sweet and Invigorating

Summer calls for sweet yet refreshing scents, and our Pomegranate & Fig Scented Candle does just that. With fruity hits of pomegranate mixed with the subtle sweetness of figs, this candle offers a bold and uplifting scent that energizes the space, making it perfect for lively gatherings or serene evenings alone.

4. Rose & Oud – Elegantly Bold

No summer scent collection is complete without the timeless elegance of roses. Our Rose & Oud Candle combines the classic floral notes of roses with the deep, rich warmth of oud. This luxurious scent is designed to create a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those who enjoy a more profound floral fragrance.

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Summer is a season of joy, relaxation, and making memories with loved ones. With the Scents Collection, your home will not only look summer-ready but smell wonderfully seasonal too. So, why wait? Choose your favorite fragrances today, and let's make this summer beautifully unforgettable!

Which one will you invite into your home first? Let us know in the comments, and share your summer scent stories with us! 
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