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What Is A Wax Melt?

What Is A Wax Melt?

What is a wax melt?

 A wax melt is a form of fragrance that uses a unique blend of luxury oils and high-quality wax. The melts are placed in an electric or tea light diffuser to release their scent. Unlike candles, wax melts do not require a wick or flame to release their fragrance. This makes them a safer alternative for those who are concerned about fire safety.

What are wax melts used for?

Wax melts are used to create ambiance, relax the mood, and we use luxury oil. They are placed in a burner and the heat from a tealight melts the wax, diffusing the fragrance into the room.
Wax melts are an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favourite scents without having to light a candle. Simply place one or two wax melt cubes into your chosen burner, sit back, relax and enjoy as the fragrance is released into the air.

As well as being used for their wonderful fragrance, many people also find that wax melts can help to create a sense of calm and wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious. 
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What to do with old wax melts?

If you're anything like me, you probably have a bunch of old wax melts taking up space in your house. And if you're not sure what to do with them, don't worry - I've got you covered. Here are a couple things you can do with old wax melts:

1. Make new wax melts: If you have some old wax melts that you're just not fond of anymore, why not try melting them down and making new ones? You can add in new scents, colours, and even fun shape to make completely new wax melts that you'll actually want to use.

2. Use them as potpourri: Wax melts make great potpourri! Just place a few pieces in a bowl or sachet and enjoy the wonderful fragrance as it fills the room.


How to change wax melts?

If you're looking to change up your wax melts, there are a few things you'll need to do. First, you'll need to melt the old wax out of the melt dish. You can do this by putting the dish in the microwave for a few seconds, or by using a hair dryer on low heat. Once the wax is melted, wipe it out with a paper towel. Next, put your new wax melt in the dish and heat it until it's melted. Finally, enjoy your new scent! We offer a wide range of beautifully curated scents for you to choose from.

How to dispose of wax melts?

When you are done with your wax melt, there are a few ways you can dispose of it. One way is to let the wax cool and then scrape it off the burner with a blunt knife. You can then put the wax in the trash. Another way is to pour hot water over the wax to melt it and then scoop it out with a paper towel. Once again, you can put the wax in the trash.


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