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  • The ultimate guide on how to clean your candle jars

    We've all experienced the sad feeling of our favourite candle burning down to the last bit of wax at the bottom of the jar. But don't worry, we have a simple solution for you to clean your Nuhr Home jar before reusing it however you like.  Follow these steps for a shiny candle jar  1. Begin by pl... View Post
  • Our top Candle Care and Safety tips

    Simple steps in caring for your lovely scented NUHR HOME candles.

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  • 4 steps to have the most relaxing bath

    n our opinion Sunday is the best day to recover from a busy week and prepare for a new one.

    When you are busy, scheduling some down time becomes even more important and doing that in the comfort of your home is a bonus.
    What better way to break up your week, then to have a soak in a long relaxing bath and turn your bathroom into your own little private spa.

    Here are our 4 tips to do just that

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  • Reusing old candle containers

    We believe that reusing candle containers is just as important as recycling. Help the environment/world and reduce your carbon footprint with our 5 practical tips to reuse your favourite candles containers. View Post
  • 10 scents to transform your mood

    The 10 BEST scents to help transform your mood - Scents and smells have the wonderful ability to make us feel a certain way. Some scents are uplifting whilst others are relaxing.

    Read more about some of our luxurious mood enhancing, transformational and uplifting scents here.
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