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  • Complete Guide On How to: Oud Reed Diffuser

    What is an oud reed diffuser? An Oud reed diffuser is an accessory (Glass bottle) created for the sole purpose of emitting fragrance through your home with the use of essential oils and reed sticks. Reed diffusers are one of the most popular home fragrance products to this day! this is because... Voir le message
  • What makes a Nuhr oud diffuser the best? | Rose and Oud

    Why our Oud diffusers are the best! Voir le message
  • Why sleep is important for your health

    A good nights sleep is incredibly important for your health. It is vital for maintaining good health and well-being, it is just as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise.   Here are a few reasons why sleep is important for your health. 1. Sleep is the only time you can take care of yo... Voir le message
  • How to make your home spa like

    A must-read blog post if you want a relaxing evening. You deserve a day at the spa. You've tried to make multiple plans, and looked at various spas but just haven't gotten round to it- we know the feeling!  Hence why the next best thing to do would be to turn your home in to a spa like atmosphere... Voir le message
  • Road trip tips for a relaxing staycation journey

    Whether it’s to admire the countryside views or explore the big city, due to COVID19 restrictions, we’re all staycationing within the country this year.  This summer, we ventured out to the friendly city of Edinburgh. Beautiful views and vibes; the city has great activities to offer and lots of f... Voir le message