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Candle Care Set

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Full Candle Care Set comprising of our elegant Gold Wick Dipper, Gold Wick Snuffer and Gold Wick Trimmer. In its gold elegant style this full candle care set can sit in any chic settling of its own in your home or office.

Gold Wick Trimmer
Our Wick Trimmer in gold is absolutely perfect in trimming the wick on your candle down to 5mm to ensure a clean and even burn and to make the candle last longer.

Gold Candle Snuffer
Our Candle Snuffer is both practical and stylish. The gold design compliments your beautifully scented Nuhr Candles.

Gold Wick Dipper
Quenching or dipping your wick is an ideal way to snuff your candle whilst preventing your wick from continuing to smoke and smoulder. Our fantastic elegant wick dipper comes in gold and can also be utilised to level the soft wax on the top of your lovely scented Nuhr candle.