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Nawm Luxury Scented Oil

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Specially crafted oils, luxurious long lasting fragrance

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Nawm  Luxury Scented Oil

This oil is designed for use in oil burner or electric diffuser. Simply drop a few drops of oil into your device with water and allow the fragrance to disburse in your room.

Our Nawm Luxury Scented Oil, with its carefully crafted blend of herbal and woody notes, works to restore the balance between your body and your environment, allowing you to drift off into a tranquil, restful sleep. Lavender, Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood form a captivating olfactory bouquet, evoking a sense of luxurious relaxation and aiding you in your journey to a restful slumber.


Customer Reviews

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Glenda Steel

Nawm is such a divine fragrance, we use the oil in a water-vapour diffuser to perfume our bedroom before sleep. It releases clouds of gentle, powdery fragrance perfect for a restful nights sleep. The oil itself has a huge scent-throw making it so economical to use. Highly recommended!


Absolutely beautiful fragrances. I have purchased so many items… love, love, love.
Thank you