• Oud Arabia Luxury Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml

Oud Arabia Luxury Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml

Oud Arabia 200ml reed diffuser refill with a set of Rattan Reeds.

The luxury of Arabia leaving a penetrating Oud scent.

A sophisticated Eastern with a mixture of Western oriental blend, fortified with bespoke notes of, cedarwood, jasmine, rose, cyclamen, green citrus , floral balsam and melon undertones. Inspired by the essence of Bakhoor this Oud Arabia scent by Nuhr Home is a premium luxury scent which will fill your room with the  Oud scent. A dark and fragrant resin embedded with heartwood being the source of the Oud. Bring the opulence and luxury of Arabia to you with our unique Oud scented Reed Diffusers.  

It is a rich luxurious scent specifically designed to bring you the scent of the Middle East straight to your home.

This luxurious scent is made with refined high quality oils to achieve a long lasting aroma for the home, office or atmosphere of your choice.

Approximate scent time - 6 months.