Oud Woods Luxury Reed Diffuser

Luxurious and mild to help you unwind using a combination of Oud scent with a combination elegant notes.

Transform your atmosphere with the scent of luxurious notes all added together by Nuhr Home to provide a supreme relaxing atmosphere.

This mild and relaxing scent is made with refined high quality oils to achieve a long lasting aroma for the home, office or any atmosphere of your setting.  Indulge your senses with the combination of luxurious oud, sandalwood and cedarwood. This woody fragrance invokes spicy notes of cardamon and black pepper, leather, patchouli and vetivert. All resting on an elegant base of amber, tonka and vanilla. This is a mild scent to relax your senses.

To distribute the fragrance well and make the most of your reed diffuser position it at waist level and turn the reeds regularly.

Approximate scent times:
• 130ml - 4 months
• 200ml - 6 months