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7 ways to light up a dark room

7 ways to light up a dark room

If you live in a house that lacks an abundance of natural light, we have some great tips and tricks to make your home/rooms appear lighter and brighter: 

White Light

This may seem obvious but using plenty of white to scatter light thoughout your room is a must. White acts as a reflector of any available light so;

.Painting your walls white is a good first step.

.A white ceiling makes a room feel taller.

.White accessories can help bounce light back into the room, to create an illusion of space.

What living room with white furnishing and accessories

Use plenty of lighting 

.Update your lightbulbs to a brighter output and a cooler daylight color tone.

.Consider adding sconces with shades that aim light upward and downward. 

.Table lamps are a good idea.

.Avoid heavy light fixtures in dark tones that create shadows, overwhelm the room and absorb light.

White sconce light against white wall

Add area rugs

Dark flooring looks great but it can drain a lot of light from small spaces. Using lighter rugs in these spaces, helps break things up but also makes the overall look of your room brighter.

Light Wood Flooring

If rugs aren't your thing, embrace light wood flooring for instant brightness. 

Use mirrors

Using mirrors doubles the amount of light in your room. Placing mirrors opposite windows gives the best results. 

Mirror against a wall opposite a door

Add Metallics

Adding metallics like silver, gold or bronze transforms a dark space and makes your interior look more luxurious. See this room here for a good example.

Use Candles

Candles add light to any room and are an affordable way to brighten your space like this Peony and Oud customer favourite.

Peony and Oud candle and Nuhr gift box

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