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Great bathroom, with green plants via

10 ways to create a relaxing Bathroom

10 ways to create a relaxing Bathroom 

The bathroom is a great place to relax and unwind. In this post we discuss 10 of our favourite ways to create a relaxing bathroom.

Creating a relaxing bathroom is an ideal way to ensure that pampering yourself stays at the top of your agenda.

Setting aside just 30 minutes a couple of times a week is enough to soothe the soul after a long day.

Simplicity and minimalism is key for a relaxing bathroom. 

Serene Neutral Colours

Spas often stick to neutral or earthy colours for that feeling of zen.

Neutral coloured bathroom with white bathtub

Use natural materials

Natural materials bring an earthy feel to a room, evoking a calm, spa like atmosphere. 

Elevating your bath 

Placing a freestanding bath on raised steps or blocks transforms it into a centrepiece, making bathing a real occasion. 

White Bathtub at the top of 3 steps


Inset Bathtubs 

Alternatively, why not create that luxury hotel feel with an inset, spa bath to soak in. 

Grey inset bathtub in grey bathroom

Bath trays made from wood 

Add to the natural feel of your bathroom by adding a wooden bath tray adorned with a few of your favourite things that help you to relax.

  Bathtub with a tray with candles, diary, plant

Luxury Soft Linens

There’s nothing quite like a fluffy warm towel to help create a spa like experience. Updating your bathroom towels and rugs is such an affordable and easy way to transform your bath time. White, fluffy towels straight from the radiator are the perfect accompaniment to a long soak, and really gives a feeling of luxury and self care.

Remove Clutter

De-cluttering doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything. In fact, investing in some storage cabinets to hold all your essentials is a great way to add a little character to your bathroom while also creating more space. 

Bathroom with tiles floor and storage cabinets


Mood Lighting

Avoiding harsh lights is one of the key parts of creating the perfect spa bathroom. The simplest way to get the mood just right is to use a dimmer switch, meaning the brightness can be easily adjusted. Dimmer switches can change the atmosphere of a room in seconds, taking you from alert to relaxed in a matter of seconds. 

Complementary Greenery

Indoor greenery helps decrease anxiety. The overwhelming effect indoor plants can have on our mood make them a key component when it comes to creating a spa bathroom. 

Grey bathroom with plants

Scented candles 

Scented candles are one of the best ways to add a little more luxury to your bathroom. Relaxing in a tub surrounded by candles will create the perfect atmosphere for you to unwind. Or, if you’re not so keen on open flames, a simple reed diffuser will do the same job, filling your bathroom with aromatic, relaxing scents of your choice.

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Nuhr products around a bathtub

**All of the images above (aside from the final one) have been found via Pinterest. Original source unknown.**

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