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Oud Arabia diffuser with reeds

7 reasons we love scented diffusers

7 reasons we love scented diffusers

Fragrance oil reed diffusers are fast becoming a must have in most homes and are extremely popular in home fragrance right now.

What are reed diffusers and how do they work?

Reed diffusers are very simple to use. Reeds are inserted into a glass bottle/jar/vessel of some description. This contains fragrance oils, which the reeds soak up. The reeds then disperse a pleasant aroma around your home. 

Reed diffusers are a popular and practical way to add constant fragrance to any room, without the use of a flame. 


A Nuhr Home diffuser with rattan reeds
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An ideal location for a mood enhancing reed diffuser is at the entrance of your home.

When someone walks into your house, they get a sense of who you are and everything within your space adds to the ambiance of your home. 

To see what scents might be suited to you, read on for a link to a recent post that runs through specific scents and the moods associated with them, and check out our top:

7 reasons for loving scented diffusers below:

Unexpected visitors

We get unexpected visitors all the time. Having a reed diffuser around means our home is scented beautifully at all times and we don't have to run around lighting candles to attempt to mask strong smells when there is a knock at the door. 

Diffusers are practical

A reed diffuser continues to release scent around your home for the duration that the fragrance oil remains. They give a consistent smell and are hassle free. Which means you get to walk into a wonderfully fragranced home every single day. 

Nuhr reed diffuser gift sets with gift box

See our Double oud luxury reed diffuser gift set here.

Add style to your home

Diffusers look great and are a great minimal decorative item.

Your Reed Diffuser can help enhance your mood

From relaxation to concentration there is a scent for every occasion. Jasmine is known to reduce stress whilst  promoting productivity, so we are seeing a lot of people using them in their work places. See this post here to read more about scents and the moods they evoke. 

Long Lasting

Our diffusers last for up to 12 weeks and are refillable too. You can control how much fragrance is released at a time by changing the number of reeds you use or flipping reeds in the bottle. 

Curious Children

If you have small children around, you know just how curious they can be. With reed diffusers you don't need to worry about their inquisitiveness as much. 

Oud woods refill bottle
Pictured above is the Oud Woods refill.

Perfect Gift

Reed diffusers make a great gift because they are practical, decorative and smell wonderful.



Nuhr reed diffuser with reeds


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