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Mango and Oud bath wash by Nuhr

How To Have A Relaxing Bath

In our opinion Sunday is the best day to recover from a busy week and prepare for a new one and what better way to do that then to have the most relaxing bath ever!

When you are busy, scheduling some down time becomes even more important and doing that in the comfort of your home is a bonus.
What better way to break up your week, then to have a soak in a long relaxing bath and turn your bathroom into your own little private spa.

Here are our 4 tips to do just that:

Gather all your essentials before bath time

Your favourite candle, flowers, essentials oils, bath salts, a magazine..whatever you like. 

Bathtub filled with pink roses and crystals around the rim


Apply a face mask and tie your hair up

Tie your hair up, apply your favourite face mask and close your eyes for a few minutes. This one is a personal favourite. 

Fluffy towel and bathrobe

Warm a fluffy towel by placing it on a radiator while you’re in the bath. This way, your towel is nice and warm when you come out of your bath. 

Fluffy white bathrobe and slippers

Light your favourite candle

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Enjoy your bath

Switch off! Relax and forget everything. Check out some of our bath products here.



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