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Open plan living room and kitchen

5 ways to create a mood boosting space


Creating a mood boosting space that is both relaxing and invigorating for you and your family is vital to positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Here are our top tips for creating a mood boosting space: 

1. Decluttering

Serenity in your home often begins with decluttering. Putting things away and having good storage solutions makes your space feel clutter free, tidy and peaceful. 

2. Fill your space with plants

Many people claim that plants in the home make them feel calmer. The colour green is known to create a positive feeling in the home as mentioned below:

“… you should aim for one plant per piece of household electronic equipment for optimum bad-stuff neutralisation: they suck up the nasties and purify the air.” Michelle Ogundehin – Former Editor in Chief of ELLE Decoration UK.


Green Plant on a bedside table

3. Calming Colours

Choosing calming colours like whites, neutrals, greens and pale blues helps to promote feelings of calm

The colour you choose doesn’t have to be all consuming. A pop of colour in the form of paintings or accessories is also effective in promoting feelings of peace.

4. Creating different zones

As great as open plan spaces are, they can often feel overwhelming. However, creating zones within a room, can be helpful to give the room some structure and promote a feeling of order.

Open plan living room and kitchen

5. Candles

Lighting candles creates an ambience that cannot be matched. Our top suggestions for relaxing scents are:

Oud Majestic, Velvet Jasmine and Oud and Oud and Sandalwood. 

Velvet Jasmine and Oud Classic white candle and box
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What makes you feel good in your home? Share your favourite tips for creating relaxed, peaceful and calm spaces with us via social media.

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