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Our top Candle Care and Safety tips - NUHR Home

Our top Candle Care and Safety tips


Looking after your candle properly means that you get the most out of them. Here are our top tips for looking after your candles:

Wick Trimming

Using a wick trimmer to create a clean cut, means that your candle will burn beautifully. Our wick trimmers makes this task super simple. 

Keep the wick trimmed to 1⁄4 inch to ensure your candle stays as elegant as the day you bought it.

Gold wick trimmer

Burn for no more then 3 hours

To prevent uneven wax (tunnelling) and to get the strongest scent, it is recommended to burn candles long enough for the wax to melt and pool to the edges of the glass.

Although not essential, candles should be burned for no more then 2 - 3 hours as this can cause the wick to slant. Alternatively you can burn the candle 1 hour for every inch in diameter of the candle size.

To read more about tunnelling, click here.

Do not burn your candle all the way down

It is best to stop using your candle when 1/2 an inch of wax remains. This will prevent possible heat damage to the surface the candle is sat on or the jar itself. To read more about how to remove the wax and reuse your candle container, click here.

Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame 

This is a safer option for putting the candle out and ensures that the flame doesn’t get too close to the container wall. Always extinguish candles with care and attention.

Gold candle snuffer

Stay Safe by:

  • Burn your candle on a heat resistant surface or use one of our candle plates. 
  • Keep it away from drafts.
  • Never leave a candle unattended.
  • Never place it in a draughty area.
  • Never burn the wax down to the base.
  • Keep it away from other heat sources, and anything flammable and at least 10 cm away from another candle.
  • Make sure burning candles are out of reach of children and pets.
  • Light your candle in a well-ventilated room.
  • Keep away from fans, which can cause sooting (black marks on the vessel), or rapid, uneven burning.
  • Do not move a burning candle, the wax will be fluid when lit.
  • Do not leave matches in the candle pool.
  • Never use a knife or a sharp object to remove wax drippings from a glass / tin /marble holder. It might scratch the container.
  • Do not burn candles in any glass item not specifically designed for candles. Glass candleholders are specifically manufactured to withstand the temperature changes that occur when burning a candle. Everyday glassware is not designed for burning candles.

White marble square candle plate

Storing your candle

Storing candles for too long can affect their scent and cause problems during burning, so use your candle within a reasonable time to make the most of its beautiful fragrance.

When your candle isn't in use, store it in a cool (not freezing cold) dry place and cover it with a lid if possible to protect the wax from dust. Long exposure to very cold temperatures can cause separation and cracking, and long exposure to heat causes melting and discolouration.

Remove fingerprints and dust from a candle

Do this by gently rubbing the surface with a piece of nylon or a soft cloth. The cloth can be dry or slightly dampened with water.

Remove wax drippings

These can be removed from candle holders by running hot water over them.

Avoid Sunlight

Placing your candles where they will be directly exposed to sunlight or harsh indoor lighting, such as a spotlight may cause them to fade.

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