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How to smell amazing all day - NUHR Home

How To Make Perfume Last Longer

There is nothing worse than putting on your favourite perfume and having it fade away before you get to work and you experience the dreaded "I can't smell my own perfume" moment. With just a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of your favourite fragrance. Here’s how to make your perfume last longer.

Apply perfume after a shower

Experts state that after showering, the skin moisture allows the perfume scent to hold on to something - hence making it the best time to spray perfume on your skin. We love the Rose and Oud body wash

Apply a moisturiser before perfume 

A great base to make fragrance stick is moisturiser, it works like a primer whilst also hydrating your skin to boost the scent. Discover our luxury Rose and Oud body cream

Apply perfume to your pulse points

A pulse point is an area on your body where your heart pulse can be felt, such as your ear, throat, wrists and elbows. Due to the warmth of your blood, these are the best places to apply perfume. Our Rose and Oud perfume is available in spray and roll on formulas here

Dab your perfume

Lightly dab your perfume on your pulse points rather than rubbing your perfume in. 


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