• Complete Guide On How to: Oud Reed Diffuser

    What is an oud reed diffuser? An Oud reed diffuser is an accessory (Glass bottle) created for the sole purpose of emitting fragrance through your home with the use of essential oils and reed sticks. Reed diffusers are one of the most popular home fragrance products to this day! this is because... Beitrag anzeigen
  • What makes a Nuhr oud diffuser the best? | Rose and Oud

    Why our Oud diffusers are the best! Beitrag anzeigen
  • How Bergamot helps reduce stress

    Bergamot is sourced from the peel of a citrus fruit and it has been linked to reducing stress levels.  In 2017, a study found that participants who were exposed to the bergamot scent for just 15 minutes significantly enhanced their positive feelings whilst they were in in the waiting room of a m... Beitrag anzeigen
  • The benefits of facial steaming

    Facial steaming is a great way to step up your skin care game without breaking the bank. It cleanses, nourishes and feels luxurious for an affordable price! Benefits A) It's great for cleansing  During the process, pores are opened up which helps loosen the build up of any dirt. The opening of p... Beitrag anzeigen
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