Oud Candles

  • The ultimate guide on how to clean your candle jars

    We've all experienced the sad feeling of our favourite candle burning down to the last bit of wax at the bottom of the jar. But don't worry, we have a simple solution for you to clean your Nuhr Home jar before reusing it however you like.  Follow these steps for a shiny candle jar  1. Begin by pl... Beitrag anzeigen
  • Eid recipes from around the world

    Eid is around the corner (already!), so we thought we would take a sneak peak into what people across the world may have on their tables as a way of feeling more connected to each other. Eid day usually starts with early morning prayers at the mosque. This is followed by a breakfast with special ... Beitrag anzeigen
  • How to add Pantone’s colour of the year to your home

    How to add Pantone’s colour of the year (Classic Blue) to your home. Top tips and ideas. Beitrag anzeigen
  • Eid gifts

    Check out our range of Eid gifts that are perfect for friends and family or that special someone in your life. Beitrag anzeigen
  • Oud Woods Candle

    One of our first scents was Oud Woods which is a musky scent made with the sensuous combination of luxurious oud, sandal wood and cedar wood. This is a light fragrance for those who prefer more subtle scents.   This woody fragrance invokes spicy notes of cardamom and black pepper, leather, patch... Beitrag anzeigen